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Verified Success Stories from Real Users Success Stories

From single to couple: Online dating success stories from people who took a chance on love.

I feel like I am the luckiest man in the world. I found my dream woman on and started to chat with her.
After a short time, we found we had many things in common and fell in love. We planned our meeting on my first trip. She is all a man could ask for. If you are looking for the perfect woman, then you have come to the right place. CharmMatches offers all the things I need- from search tools, translation support and customer service. Thanks again.
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I met my Lady in summer last year on We started chatting at first for a few hours then we called every day for almost 4 months until we met in person.
I remember she was waiting for me in the airport and as soon as we saw each- we jumed into each other's arms. It was the begining of our fairytale and it continues till now. We are meant for each other. Now we bulid a family and watiting for a child. I'm Happy!
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Ukrainian Women Dating Tips: What Do They Want in a Man?

If you are looking for some Ukrainian women dating tips to help you win over the heart of a beautiful Ukrainian lady, then you have come to the right place.

Listed below are the traits and characteristics most Ukrainian ladies are looking for in a man.

1. Good-Grooming

The women in Ukraine are well-renowned for their looks, thus, they look for a man who knows how to take care of himself. These women like men who can dress well, maintain a good haircut, and always strive to look good and smell good.

Because Ukrainian women take pride in their appearance, it is only right that they seek a partner who also has a say in terms of his physical appearance.

2. Intelligence

NUkrainian women are impressively smart, cultured, and sophisticated. They offer a natural curiosity and are highly intelligent. Because they are very smart, it is ideal for them to find a man who also has the intellectual capacity to match theirs.

Moreover, when you chat with Ukrainian ladies, it is ideal not to talk about controversial topics such as literature, art, and politics as they are very opinionated and it might kill the romantic ambiance.

3. Exceptional Masculine Strength

Your physical build and strength are what give you a masculine presence as a man. The Ukrainian women, just like many other women, love men who display remarkable masculinity.

Ukrainian women are from a society where manly strength is an indispensable trait for survival among men. Masculine strength is also one of the most prominent traits in a man which Ukrainian women are on the lookout for.

4. Gentle and Polite

In the beginning stages of a relationship, most Ukrainian women are very conservative. Thus, whether you met a Ukrainian woman through a common friend or a Ukrainian online dating website, make sure to keep things smooth and slow and remember to always be polite and a gentleman.

Additionally, during the beginning stages of your relationship, it is also ideal to not mention sex yet as most people in Ukraine discuss intimacy in the further stages of a relationship.

5. Assertive

Although most Ukrainian women are strong and independent, they also look for a life partner who can protect them and one who can be a great leader. Apart from notable masculine strength, Ukrainian ladies also love a man who knows how to be in charge.

Because the world is such a cruel place, gone are the days where women only look for a nice guy. Thus, aside from being a macho and a gentleman, you should also need to have the guts to be assertive.

6. Sincerity

The Ukraine single ladies are mostly looking for men who have the desire to commit to a lifelong relationship. They do not want a man whose intention in dating a woman is for only a temporary fling and no solid commitment.

Therefore, when you choose to date a Ukrainian woman, make sure your intentions are delivered clearly and assure her that you are sincere in having a committed relationship with her.

7. A Man Who Always Courts

If you are dating a beautiful Ukrainian girl, always be generous with something they likes. There's nothing to worry about when it comes to giving your girl small gestures are what matters most. So if you thought dating Ukraine girls would break the bank, you are most definitely mistaken.

Moreover, whether you are still starting or you are already on the further stage of a romantic relationship, never stop courting your girl as it is one of the best things that will keep your relationship strong.

8. Good Time Management

Ukrainian women have dominated the sphere of time management as they are known for being highly diligent and punctual. Many women in Odessa Ukraine ladies earn more than men due to their exceptional intelligence and management skills. Thus, when you desire to find a Ukrainian woman as a life partner, make sure you can manage your time and schedules efficiently to keep up with hers.

9. Trustworthy and Trusting

Ukrainian women adore men whom they can trust when it comes to their relationship. On the other hand, they also look for a partner who can also trust them enough as well. They want a man who allows them to achieve their life desires and one whom they can count on when it comes to having a solid support system.

10. Financial Stability

In Ukraine, it is a culture for men to always be the ones to pay. Whether you are hanging out with a woman who is one of your Ukraine friends or a woman whom you are in a romantic relationship with, you should be willing to pay for stuff such as the restaurant bill, the taxi fare, etc.

It is a patriarchal and traditional custom and all men who want to pursue a Ukrainian woman must be able to commit to it. Thus, before searching for a Ukrainian beauty as a life partner, make sure you are financially stable first.


Although Ukrainian women are known for being smart, strong, and independent, it is an undeniable fact that they also desire to have a man with whom they can settle down with. If you've been on a Ukrainian girl dating app, you would know that most Ukrainian ladies who are looking for a foreign partner, seek to find one whom they can have as a lifelong lover. Therefore, when you are looking for a Ukrainian girlfriend, expect to find the one with whom you will tie the knot in the future.

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