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Cultural Differences in The Russian Dating

Once you’ve been swept off your feet, it’s easy to overlook traditional differences in Russian dating that may either make or break a relationship. When these gaps, however, are bridged, a romantic bond may bloom, beating all odds.

The same is true when it comes to meet Russian women or men. Although they are often deemed as more traditional than most Western folks, they have their way of showing their affection towards their partners.

To better understand how Russian dating works, find out how religion and tradition heavily influence the way a Russian female or male sees a romantic relationship.

The Weight Of Traditions

If you’ve met a lovely lass on Russian women dating site, you’re enthralled likely with her overly feminine yet feisty attitude. Taking your friendship, a notch higher, however, needs plenty of understanding and patience, since your Russian match may most likely have a different outlook in life, especially when it comes to relationships.

One of the first things you need to understand is that Soviet people are bound by their strict religion and tradition. They may sometimes even consider these two social facets above their laws.

With this in mind, expect Russian babes to adhere to and insist on conventional gender roles.

While you may find this conservative mindset a big chunk to swallow, it’s always best to use a broader lens that will help you understand how their culture of dating works. The less you focus on your personal beliefs, the better you’ll connect with your Russian friends online.

Russian Men

Historically, men were considered more superior than women. Such a point of view has been closely entangled with Russian culture. Thus, society expects men to be chivalrous towards the most important women in their lives. They must also shower their lady love with affection by giving them compliments.

Such societal expectations solidified the notion that Russian men should do whatever it takes to please and provide for their partner.

Russian Women

Soviet women, on the other hand, are expected to be the “nurturer” in a relationship. They often do not condone male supremacy in their society since they are wired to serve their partner and eventually their children. You may even be surprised to know that when you meet Russian women, they are more than willing to do household chores when living together.

Indeed, Russian women project a tough exterior but they are also considered as one of the most caring individuals you may possibly meet. It’s worth mentioning, however, that these Russian ladies are eager to tie the knot right away since Russian single women are often considered pitiful in the eye of society.

If you’re dating a Russian woman, you may be surprised to meet her parents, early in the relationship. For many ex-pats, it can be overwhelming.

Gender Imbalance

Apart from traditional gender roles, dating in Russia has been greatly affected by gender imbalance. Statistics show that 54% of the population are females while 46% are males.

The eight-percent gap created a huge impact on Russia’s dating scene, especially when it comes to women looking for their perfect match. Women are pressured to find a partner, even going beyond their borders. They then appear to be more open to building relationships with foreign men.

Looking for a long-term and serious relationship in Russia is possible. For instance, many Russian women in big cities have little to no desire to marry for money or other privileges. Ladies who are attractive yet often overlooked by many males may also be more cultured than those who are actively searching for a partner.

Spiritual Beliefs

Religion also plays an important factor in the dating life of most Russians, which has become a part of their cultural identity. While Russian Orthodoxy is the most prevalent religion, there are still other sects in their culture.

When visiting an orthodoxy service, avoid putting your hands in your pockets. You must also refrain from taking pictures or videos and wearing shorts or sleeveless shirts. Women are expected to wear modest dresses and skirts while men are prohibited from wearing hats.

Language Barrier

While many Russians can speak English well, accepting that they do not have the same upbringing, as most Western folks do, is a must.

You may have some heated arguments with your Russian partner due to miscommunication if both of your values do not align.

In the West, “no” means “no.” However, Russians tend to interpret this as an invitation for negotiation. Of course, the stark difference in contextual meanings may hinder the relationship in the long run.

Useful Tips

If you want to impress your Russian partner, it’s best to learn a few of their traditions and customs that you can easily adapt.

For instance, appearance is an important aspect of their daily life. Russian ladies will then expect you to dress well when you go out in public.

Russians are also very superstitious, so you must avoid handing your date an even number of flowers for they believe that doing so can bring bad luck.

Lastly, when your Russian partner invites you over to their house for the first time, make sure to bring a present for the hostess. When dining out, men are almost always expected to pay.


You may encounter a lot of cultural differences between you and your Russian partner, but when lines are open for communication, things may eventually turn out for the best.

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