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From single to couple: Online dating success stories from people who took a chance on love.

My girlfriend Darina and I matched on CharmMatches in July 2014 and for weeks, she was afraid to chat with me because we had such amazing chemistry online.
We finally maked video call and she said she would be 'the creep in the corner with cheese curds.' We hit it off immediately and now we chat online every day. Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. Luckily, I found my true love.
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After my divorce, I signed up to LoyalRomance.com, and dated 67 women in just over two years (some good, some bad).
The whole time, I had always set my age range from 33 to 42. My last date (number 67) was with Johana and we clicked instantly, which is a good thing too since her 34rd birthday was just a couple of days away—our timing was perfect. We're planning on moving in together this summer. Thank you LoyalRomance.
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Why Czechoslovakia Girls Are One of The Best Women to Date?

There has been an increasing interest in the Czech Republic because of various factors. Many enjoy coming back here because of the fantastic architecture, relaxing vibe, and delicious beer. For men, they also love seeing Czechoslovakia girls here. Since the Czech Republic is a Slavic country, women here have a lovely mix of Hungarian, Austrian, and German features.

When you date Czech women, you can expect them to be gorgeous because they have light-colored hair, a nice smile, and a slim and tall physique. They are also independent, charming, and well-educated. If you are considering dating the best women, you continue reading.

Physical Appearance

Because of the Czech republic’s geographical location, various nations crossed in the country throughout history. Seeing Czech singles, you will notice that their physical appearance can be attributed to Western European and Slavic countries. Moreover, they are physically similar to Balkan ladies.

The facial feature that stands out among Czech women is their nose. It is longer with a tiny hump that is not big and complements the nose structure. This is what they inherited from the Slavic people. The full lips, light brown hair, and light to medium complexion can mix Western European and Slavic features.

In the Czech Republic dating, you will probably get lost in your date’s blue or green eyes. Nevertheless, seeing a natural blonde in this country is uncommon. If you see one, it is highly likely that she might have dyed her hair blonde.

Even though they do not put on much makeup, they are still very beautiful. Their makeup is natural and subtle, unlike Slavic women so you can easily see through their natural beauty. You might think that Czech girls do not put effort into their looks. The reason for this is they are all about the natural look and not concealing their imperfections.

Compared to Western women, Czechoslovakia girls eat more healthily and are more conscious of their health. In fashion, it is influenced by Western and Eastern European styles. They have a feminine style, so you can mostly see them in skirts, dresses, or high heels. Nevertheless, you will also see some who prefer casual fashion.

Knowing these, Czech women are considered one of the most beautiful in Europe because of their striking facial features and great body that are total head-turners.


Czech ladies are known to be independent, even at a young age. Therefore, they know what they want to achieve in life and work hard. This is one of the major reasons why they prefer men who can support them in their personal and professional lives.

Although they are hardworking, driven, and focused, they still have their feminine side. Strong femininity blends well with Czech women. They know that they need to be strong to reach their dreams. However, once they meet the right guy, they become lovely, caring, and friendly. In Czech dating, it is all about supporting each other through thick and thin.

Another interesting personality of Czech ladies is that they regard themselves as equally important to society to men making their feminine and tough side remarkable. One factor for this is surviving through a difficult communist period.

In going out with male foreigners, they are open to the idea of dating them. They get swooned by humble and smart men. Therefore, having the right attitude is the key for them to like you. You can also show interest in her life and culture, and you can expect her to do the same.

Since they are well-educated, they are willing to explore foreign cultures. By doing this, she can realize that you are not just physically attracted to her. It is also a good idea to converse about engaging topics and find similar interests. Being independent does not mean they are not close to their family. Family is significant in Czech culture.

Czech Women And Online Dating

The fame of online dating has spread in different parts of the world, and the Czech Republic is no exception to that. Many have the misconception that online dating will not work in Eastern and Central European countries. It is because of the belief that they prefer traditional dating. Nevertheless, this is not true.

A lot of Czech girls are registered on dating websites and apps. Thus, if you have a nice photo and profile with some information about yourself, you will surely match with a Czech girl in no time. They are much-interested in meeting foreign men on dating websites and apps. A beautifully taken photo and a well-put profile will make conversations with them smoother.

Because they are well-educated, Czech women prefer men who they can have intellectual or deep conversations with. This is way more attractive to them than physical looks. You can start with basic information about yourself if you chat with a Czech woman. You can save other information when you meet.


Finally, the Czech Republic is indeed a European country with many influences that are well-blended. The women in this country are hard to resist. You have now realized that they are gorgeous, smart, feminine, and independent.

If you want to meet Czech women, the best way is through a Czech dating site. We hope that you learned more about them and how to approach them if you got the chance to have a date.

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